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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cougar Training Schedule

Speed And Quickness

  • Drills
  • Philosophy
  • Determination
  • 10,000 Hours to mastering the task

The work that the student Athlete and the parents doesn't end with a warm goodbye after their senior year comes and goes!KaiserFB-2478

Parents and teachers from Kaiser High School want your child to become the best that they can be through hard work, discipline and determination. The core values that your son and daughter will learn during their time on this team will never be forgotten. 

Scholarships and recruitment from mainland and local colleges are one of the many aspects that the football program teaches the children and parents of the Cougar Football team. 



Parent Survival Kit

  • Parents have a commitment that is unmatched like that of football. You have to love the sport  to be able to last the 4 months of training and hard work

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  • Kaiser High School Cougar Football
  • 511 Lunalilo Home Road
  • Honolulu, Hawaii, 96825
  • Tel: (808) 394-1200

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Kaiser Cougar Game Schedule

Date                          Time                 Opponent                       Where                                             Notes to players
August 9, 2013     7:00 PM        Kaiser VS Campbell PreSeason    Kaiser Field       Players report to Locker room by 5:00PM

August 17, 2013    7:00 PM        Kaiser VS Kalani                      Kaiser Field

August 23, 2013     Bye Week For the Team

August 30, 2013    7:00 PM        Kaiser VS Radford                  at Radford High School

September 6, 2013 7:00 PM        Kaiser VS Wailua                   at Wailua