The new season brings with it new beginnings, and in the North West of England a Non-League club has been making a big statement, as 1874 Northwich unveil their new away shirt for the 2019/20 season.

To give our readers a bit of background, 1874 Northwich are a fan owned club that play in the North West Counties League in England and was founded in 2012 due to their growing disillusionment with how their club Northwich Victoria had been run over a number of years. This resulted in members of the Northwich Victoria Supporters’ Trust being given the opportunity to decide on creating a new football club due to growing disenfranchisement with how Northwich Victoria has been run over many years. The vote ended with a 141–4 vote in favour of a new club. Later, it had emerged on the day of the vote that the owner of Northwich Victoria had been declared bankrupt (later annulled) and therefore failed the FA Fit and Proper Persons test.

On 29 November 2012 fans attended an open meeting in Northwich, where they chose the name 1874 Northwich for the club. In order to avoid legal issues over the new club’s name, none of the proposed options included the words Vics or Victoria. The date 1874 was chosen because it was the year in which the original club named Northwich Victoria was founded, or at least, when they played their first formal match.

Since their new formation the club has gone from strength to strength with the club recently relocating back to their home of Northwich.

Back onto the kit now – It’s bold, it’s different, and it has a real late 80s/early 90s feel to it which is emphasised with the incorporation of zig-zags and Y-shapes throughout the shirt. At first glance there are similarities between this and the England Italia 90 away shirt and we mean this in the best possible way.

The idea for the shirt came about as the club wanted to move away from the traditional maroon away colours, so it was put to supporters to vote on a new colour for the coming season, and the choice was blue. The rest was down to local artist Phil Galloway. Phil, who has been commissioned previously by Nike, Puma and BT Sport, volunteered his spare time for months to design the kit for free, saying it was ‘from the heart’.

The shirt has taken inspiration from some of the local landmarks across Northwich and has been well received by the local community and internet community alike with the club receiving orders for the new kit from Spain, the Netherlands and even Australia. On top of this Gamer Kits created a customised kit for PES.

The kit is to feature for the first time this weekend in their game against Charnock Richard.