Barcelona have gone against the grain by changing from their traditional striped home jerseys for just the second time ever to a new checker-board design which has a real Croatia vibe to it, meaning despite it being controversial, it should at least keep Ivan Rakitic happy.

The only other time Barca hav deviated from their traditional stripes was in the 2015/16 season when the club adopted a hooped pattern instead. That season they won La Liga, the Copa del Rey, UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup, so it didn’t affect the team too much!

That being said, the check-board design is just the second shift from the club’s norm and provides a new interpretation of Barca’s world famous colours. The jersey’s V-neck collar is decorated by the stripes of the Catalan flag (what else?!).

“Barça’s DNA goes beyond football. We are proud to represent these colors and spread the city’s name around the world” says Sergi Roberto. “This design reflects our link with the city of Barcelona and identifies us with where we come from, the place where we grew and learnt until getting to the top level.”

The new patterning is inspired by the gridded street layout of the city’s Eixample District. The creativity of the district is channelled in the new jersey and the club have featured local artists and creatives in the shirt’s advertising campaign. Ditching the traditional stripes is a controversial move by Nike and Barcelona but in other ways it is good to see the club change it up a bit and take their design down a different path.