The excitement is building ahead of the new FIFA 20 as more details are being released about the game, and there has been a switch in focus to the new VOLTA game mode with a new trailer that shows off the street-style gameplay. As a huge fan of FIFA Street back in the mid-2000s these are very exciting times.

As always, there’s a lot of hype and anticipation building around the latest edition of the FIFA series, but it just may be that there’s slightly more hype building around this release partly due to Juventus pledging their allegiance to PES and FIFA naming them Piemonte Calcio and also partly due to the introduction of the new VOLTA mode.

Following the standard trailer for the game, which looks immense, EA Sports has now released a VOLTA-specific trailer which unveils all the features of the new game mode. Our initial thoughts are that while there are undoubtedly similarities with the old FIFA Street, VOLTA appears to have evolved from this and offers an entirely new and more in-depth gaming offering.

The new VOLTA mode is primarily focused on skills, and it is understood that the gameplay is very similar to the standard FIFA mode. In terms of game options EA Sports have announced that within VOLTA there is the option of playing 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5. There is also a ‘Survival’ mode and then ‘No Rules’, which is a throwback to the old FIFA Street. 

With Fortnite giving its users a creative licence to modify skins, costumes, weapons and other parts of the environment, it is understood that VOLTA will be unveiling a similar model which will allow gamers to show their imagination and individuality by customising features such as clothing, logos, stadiums and avatars.

For fans of famous clothing brands, EA Sports are also planning to collaborate with big names in the fashion industry to create game-related content with rumours of a collaboration with adidas in the pipeline. It is expected that these collabs will spill over from the virtual world to the real world too.

Players can also choose to design a male or a female character to take to the 17 VOLTA playgrounds around the world, which include Venice Beach, Miami, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, Paris and London.

FIFA 20 is out on 27 September on all platforms.