The special celebratory shirt has been produced by Erreà Sport to mark the 100th anniversary of Serie C side Potenza Calcio. The shirt takes inspiration from the heritage of the club and was celebrated by a launch party for the fans.

Only 1000 of these shirts have been produced, with each shirt individually numbered on the inside of the collar, making each shirt unique. It also comes packaged in a distinctive collector’s box.  

The colours are arranged into halves, with the red on the left and the blue on the right with black and gold detailing on the sleeves. The shirt has a real 90’s feel about it with the lace up collar and gold inserts giving it a real a distinctive look and character.  

The inside of the collar, features Potenza’s centenary in gold, with the official claim “Cent’anni da leoni” (One hundred years as lions), as well as the stylised signature of Alfredo Viviani, sports journalist and founder of the old Club. Featured on the left of the shirt, and also in gold, is the historic coat of arms depicting the crowned lion with the three silver stars that is the symbol of the city.

At KAMPUS8 we really feel that Erreà have produced a thing of beauty here and having seen their other shirts over the past couple of seasons we are really impressed with the quality and design of their kits overall. Check out Erreà HERE