Nike have officially launched the Nike ‘Victory Pack’, ahead of this years Women’s World Cup held in France. The boots will be worn across France this summer in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The boots have a predominantly grey colourway which is accompanied by the black Swoosh and red trim. These boots are a limited edition release, with only the elite and academy level boot available, and it’s expected that these will be for sale in FG only.

Even though these boots have been launched ahead of the Women’s World Cup, there will be plenty of men lining up in these too with the Copa America and the first ever mid-year African Cup of Nations taking place over the summer too.

Just to add a bit of shine to this too, those that have read ‘Shoe Dog’, the autobiography of Nike founder Phil Knight, will know that Nike in Greek mythology is the Goddess of Victory and in fact was the inspiration of the naming of Nike itself.

These are now on sale at Nike Football